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Ovarian cancer, the silent killer

I was not quite twelve when my aunt died. Ever watchful of her figure, a fastidious housekeeper and the perfect hostess in that 1950s full-skirted style, she accepted the changes in her body with a grace I have rarely seen … Continue reading

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A tale from the base of Olympus – Part Four

This is the third chaplet in a series, a reflection and meditation on recent events. The sun, blazing in a deep blue sky unmarred by wisp of cotton-cloud is searing everything its rays touch in Away & Beyond. Day after … Continue reading

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A tale from the base of Olympus-Part Three

This is a continuation of an earlier post. For context, read Parts One and Two first. Part Three So you’ve come for me, Kairos; there is no avoiding you anymore. Your wings beat slower than I expected … a modicum … Continue reading

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A tale from the base of Olympus-Parts One & Two

Part One Atlas shrugged. Perhaps you felt it. Your world gave a shudder, like a cold chill up your spine. And as quickly as the feeling came, it went, leaving nary a trace. You got up from bed the next … Continue reading

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Io Saturnalia!

A large bowl of dried, semi-dried and not-so dried fruit sits soaking on my kitchen table, absorbing the plonk and orange juice I liberally dispensed a couple of nights ago. You know I love to bake, especially fruit cakes, but … Continue reading

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Sunday Selections: Because I love to bake!

Fruit cakes are an oft baked item in my home as the GOFA is quite partial to them, as are others around him. They get sent on to others, shared by many. My standard boiled fruit cake is easy to … Continue reading

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Vienna vs Egypt and ethical advertising

Last weekend the GOFA and I took a rare break visiting family and enjoying Melbourne’s delights. It was a chance to take a copy of my book, finally published, down to my parents and spend a little time reacquainting ourselves. … Continue reading

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For my GOFA


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Sunday Selections: Framed

Sunday Selections is the brainchild of Kim at Frog Ponds Rock. Please visit her site and see what she and others are sharing this week. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

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Sexism in the age of Photoshop

Until a few days ago I had not heard of Hasidim. Today, that religious sect has only reinforced my belief that religion is divisive, that the dogma of structured belief is oppressive and that words, without being backed by transparent … Continue reading

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