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Escape is a place, one where I stroll among images that make me feel good. Some of those images are pipe dreams, some are nostalgic, some are wishes that hang on gossamer threads that glisten as they slowly turn in … Continue reading

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Io Saturnalia!

A large bowl of dried, semi-dried and not-so dried fruit sits soaking on my kitchen table, absorbing the plonk and orange juice I liberally dispensed a couple of nights ago. You know I love to bake, especially fruit cakes, but … Continue reading

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Sexism in the age of Photoshop

Until a few days ago I had not heard of Hasidim. Today, that religious sect has only reinforced my belief that religion is divisive, that the dogma of structured belief is oppressive and that words, without being backed by transparent … Continue reading

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Before the disillusionment

This poem sort of fits my mood just now, as my naivety , believing that honesty is rewarded, is destroyed. We can go looking for the truth, but we may not always like what we find. It’s not always pretty. … Continue reading

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A dog’s best friend

I adore dogs. With a little bit of yard space, I’d have a couple, something between the size of a border collie and a Newfoundland. Yeah, I like them big! And anyone who knows me understands how much I miss … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule

I’ve been living the Chinese adage “may you live in interesting times” this last fortnight. I could really have done without it. It’s been one of those weeks that has made me stronger, sealed my resolve somewhat, to prove several … Continue reading

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Rant 1

Oprah has hit Australian shores. Think what you will of her, but the only person who really knows what is going on in her life and what her thoughts may be, is Oprah herself. The Barbara Walters interview during the … Continue reading

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Agora: a tale of heroism

A not infrequent topic of discussion in the House of Forks revolves around the definition of a hero. It is closely linked to discussions of truth, honesty and religion, depending on whether it’s the GOFA or myself leading the charge … Continue reading

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Issues that matter

Like most people, I have my pet issues, those societal concerns that drive public debate and political rhetoric. As a healthcare provider the standard and means of its delivery is high on my list. There’s the environment; the use, waste … Continue reading

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