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A tale from the base of Olympus-Parts One & Two

Part One Atlas shrugged. Perhaps you felt it. Your world gave a shudder, like a cold chill up your spine. And as quickly as the feeling came, it went, leaving nary a trace. You got up from bed the next … Continue reading

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Vienna vs Egypt and ethical advertising

Last weekend the GOFA and I took a rare break visiting family and enjoying Melbourne’s delights. It was a chance to take a copy of my book, finally published, down to my parents and spend a little time reacquainting ourselves. … Continue reading

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For my GOFA


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Sunday Selections: Framed

Sunday Selections is the brainchild of Kim at Frog Ponds Rock. Please visit her site and see what she and others are sharing this week. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

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Sunday Selections-Fairytale

I’ve been undecided today. What photos shall I post to join in Kim’s Sunday Selections? I’ve been too busy to collect new pics … they will come … but I have been sifting through the hard drive and come to … Continue reading

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Before the disillusionment

This poem sort of fits my mood just now, as my naivety , believing that honesty is rewarded, is destroyed. We can go looking for the truth, but we may not always like what we find. It’s not always pretty. … Continue reading

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The Arrival

I picked up a book last week. It was among the children’s books, marked down by 50%. The picture on the cover caught my eye and I opened its pages to find not a single word. Page after page was … Continue reading

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Sunday Selections: Ruined

My thoughts this weekend have been morose. The devastation I see in our world is so vast, much of it driven by our own greed. I wanted to post something uplifting, but the illusions have been shattered and my soul … Continue reading

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You gotta see this!

Ginger Rogers, aged 92 and her 29 year old grandson. Gimme legs and flexibility like that in my old age and I’ll tear my skirt off too! TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

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