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Ovarian cancer, the silent killer

I was not quite twelve when my aunt died. Ever watchful of her figure, a fastidious housekeeper and the perfect hostess in that 1950s full-skirted style, she accepted the changes in her body with a grace I have rarely seen … Continue reading

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Cause and effect

Which was the cause and its respective the effect? I’m having the old chicken and the egg argument in my own head this weekend. Heaven knows it’s been a balls up since Friday night and it looks like it’s going … Continue reading

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Boomtown Blues

The silicon chip inside my head has been defused somewhat; two weeks of leave, the second better than the first have made me quite well chilled. Too chilled perhaps. When I realised on Friday that I’d not received a roster … Continue reading

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Auschwitz Dance Video

I caught a segment on a morning show as I pottered about this morning on my not-so-lazy RDO. I have writing to do, but it can wait a short time. The video is a dance at Holocaust sites around Europe … Continue reading

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