A tale form the base of Olympus – Chapter 14

This is a continuation of earlier posts. Context is found in previous parts.

A season turned before I knew where the days had been and now I stand in my Alexandria again. More carts choke the byways than in that Away & Beyond. I am home.

Momus continued his mocking long after I departed the broad plains of that place I had come to realize was in fact a gift that simply required unwrapping. Cynical coward that he is, I have turned my back on him and moved my sights to restoring the foundations of my city at a faster pace than I could manage from afar. Most of those pieces interned upon my departure from my Alexandria after the great catastrophe have been recovered. A few I left for safe keeping until I have completed the necessary repairs to the city and my Great Library.

Perspehone has settled into the home of her mother and Demeter has ensured an abundance of all that is luscious and sweet. Each peach, each cherry seems the more succulent for the unexpected blessings that have come to me. And yet, nothing is the same, and still much is. Faces in my Alexandria have changed, yet the my Great Library retains the reams of learnings through which I may once again venture. Poseidon in his wisdom took the memories of before with the veil that closed in behind me as I left and did indeed present me with that field of lush greenness that I sought.  He was kind and I am grateful.

I have not ventured to the sea since that last day, not yet. Having moved within my Alexandria I feel the need to immerse myself in the new quarter in which I have found myself. Chattering birds that visit in the early morn proclaim their dominance in this world, silenced only be the squawk of larger cousins who dominate the cool morn breeze. I’m sure they have followed me from Away & Beyond, companions on an inland journey of adventure.

The once fractured ruins of this great city have found new stability in the remnants that were left behind. I had not thought it possible, I had thought never to call this place my home again. Barely two full cycles from harvest to harvest have I known and now I watch the burning candles and listen to the songs of others as they celebrate the birth of the One New God. I confess, the lights burn pretty and I wander the streets to look at the people as they pay obeisance. Perhaps these new festivals and ways will add to that which is my Alexandria, will bring more joy.

Apollo’s grand orb burns bright by day and leaves endless warmth through Luna’s night. I sleep fitfully for the first time in longer than I can remember. No harried travel, no wearied body. And yet, as I sit, I wait for the unexpected, hoping that whatever it may be, it brings good, not further trials. My Alexandria is still a fragile place, but I take each day for the gift that it is, warmed by the Apollo’s rays and feasting on the gifts of Demeter’s grace. Trials and tribulations traded for others in another place should not leave one bitter, but rather charged with hope that those new challenges can be faced with a refreshed soul in the company of trusted friends.

Still I hear Momus cackle. And still I ignore him. No vagrant god despised by Zeus himself shall I heed when others more noble have shown the bounty that honest reverence may ordain.

This tale is still evolving even as the words are committed to paper. Each post is likely to be a chaplet (a dedication or prayer) in itself. You are free to share this journey with me, even as I know not where it will end.
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