Something is not right. The new Country Road t-shirt I bought shrank on the first wash this morning. A $60 top and the bloody fabric hasn’t been pre-shrunk. Yes, the label says to hand wash in cold water; yes, it says to squeeze excess water out with a towel before drying, but for God’s sake, it’s a bloody t-shirt. The $2.50 shirt I bought at the Rivers Clearance Store is going fine after 5 or 6 washes. Unimpressed am I. For $60, I expect the fabric to be pre-bloody-shrunk.

Something is not right. Summer is wet and humid, not blindingly, glaringly hot. I expect that the load of washing I’ve just hung out will be wet again before I can pull it in from the rain. Not a hint of blue sky this early morn, just more clouds warning me that my day may well be equally grey.

Something is still not right.
The ‘i’ has no dot and the ‘t’ wasn’t crossed;
My pen, it is broken’ ’til I’m handed a new
The nib has been mangled
The shaft is all chewed.
Broken and twisted
The ruins of house
That hold deep blue inks
Now blotching my page.
Spilling and seeping through layers of lies
Exposing deep truths that could fill every page
Something, yes something
I know quite not what
Something, just something
Is simply not right.

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One Response to A-mused

  1. Mrs Woog says:

    Oh I love visiting your blog. xo PS take the t-shirt back

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