Rant 1

Oprah has hit Australian shores. Think what you will of her, but the only person who really knows what is going on in her life and what her thoughts may be, is Oprah herself. The Barbara Walters interview during the week made news here because of Oprah’s tearful assertion about her sexuality. Whose bloody business is it anyway? Do I give a damn if she is hetero, bi or gay? No. Intimacy is expressed in many ways. In the hug of your dearest friend, the concerned phone call, the sponsorship of a friend who needs to know that they are not alone, the unspoken words as people watch their memories – their livelihoods – destroyed by droughts and flooding rains. Sex is just one aspect of intimacy and does not necessarily translate to ‘love’. Anyone ever had a one night stand?

Who you share a bed with at night makes no difference to your ability to function as a person. In the words of a friend’s post on Facebook:

“Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time, Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage. Jesse James and Tiger Woods are screwing EVERYTHING, yet the idea of same-sex marriage is going to destroy the ……institution of …marriage?? Really? RRRREALLY…??”

I have a new poem in mind. It will take a little work, because there’s a veritable flood of words welling up in my mind at present and a book chapter still to edit. But, a Billy Joel tune has given me the idea and all I need to do is put it into practice. It’s not about Oprah, it’s about the hypocrisy of those who judge same-sex relationships. I am over hearing the whines of self-righteous religious indoctrinated people dictating to us about our standards of living when they themselves cannot get it right! There’s a good reason I gave away practicing Catholicism – I couldn’t get it and right and I didn’t want to! I simply did not accept enough of the central principles to live, what to me, would have been a lie.

Oprah’s response brought some cynical sorts to question why she had not married Stedman. From one who is happily engaged with no foreseeable wedding date, let me just say there are any number of reasons and not one of them is anyone else’s business. You can ask, but you may well be disappointed by the answer. Depending on how you phrase the query, you may even be offended. Had you asked me not all that long ago why I was still single, I would have told you a convenient answer, because, quite frankly, that is not your business either. What matters is am I a good person, am I harming anyone else and are my motives honourable? A person’s ability is judged by their deeds, toward others. If is not harming you, then keep you nose out of their business and let them be!

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  1. Wanderlust says:

    Beautifully stated. And so true, it’s nobody’s business and really so irrelevant. xx

  2. Fiona says:

    I haven’t heard anything about Oprah’s interview or whatever scandal it seems to have caused but your words are so very true regardless of whether we’re talking about someone as famous as Oprah or the girl/guy next door.
    It worries me that I’m raising my children in a world that is still so judgmental of others’ personal preferences on everything from sexuality to whether they choose to return to work after having babies.
    What other people do is nobody else’s business but their own!
    Beautifully written post.

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  4. kay says:

    although i am just venting my annoyance over the circumstances of the Oprah visit to Oz on my own blog, I agree with you that the discussion about her being gay or not, is getting boring.
    it’s indeed nobody’s business, at least not if you do not publicly condemn it.
    Oprah has in the past (and probably still now) done a LOT for more acceptance of gay couples in the wide public. I doubt she would have a fake marriage to hide a lesbian relationship.. What’s so unusual about a woman having a BFF ???

  5. Watershedd says:

    Indeed Kay, what is so unusual about it.

    I’m also peeved about the virtual lock-down of a good portion of Sydney on Tuesday for the ‘Oprah’ House visit – I’ve arranged to be off work that day, as it will make my trip to/from home a nightmare. I don’t mind watching Oprah, but frankly, I’d rather be at the U2 concert!

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