Rant 2

Facebook has a small army of dislikers of the ‘Like’ button. I was completely oblivious until yesterday, when I received a message telling me not to click ‘Like’, because it sends a notification to everyone I have befriended. I was a little incensed that it came from a relative. The interesting thing, is that when I click on the notification on my Mac, I get this:

I’ve tried several times in the last day and that is all I get. I figured there was a glitch and didn’t worry too much.

The plot thickens. I have a new phone. My old one was starting to do strange things, so I have new flash thingy from which I can now browse the social networking sights. The notification in question is accessible from my new phone. Seems I was inadvertently sent spam when the relie ‘Liked’ a product advert. Cool. Incensed pride no longer smouldering, time for a chill pill on my part.

What has been interesting is the blatant censorship by Facebook. Not only was the original advert censored, but also the follow-up ten minutes later (“Don’t click like”). Ineffective censorship too, it seems, as the original notification is still there, but the content is gone. Follow that up with a little extra information from the Information tab on “63 Notifications Later and I regret Liking Your Status” and “50 notifications later, i wish i never liked your status” and you begin to suspect that social networking Zuckerberg style, a man from the land where freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution, is as much a victim of money and corporate power as big business. Fair enough, the guy isn’t in it for the good of mankind, but to censor opinions or pages that pose no threat to others makes me worry again, a little more, about the world in which we live.

I never enjoyed George Orwell, but I’m beginning to realise that he was in fact quite prescient. Perhaps I was more comfortable being deluded about the fairness of this world. I wanted to believe in democracy, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past twenty years, it’s that none of us wish to risk disrupting our comfortable lives. Most of us will bury our heads about injustices and lies rather than deal with the inequalities in this world, for fear of losing our own precious stability. But even then, Mother Nature throws us a curve ball, and our homes wind up under raging torrents of water or burned to cinders by fires from hell. I’ll say it ‘til I die … the Universe is perverse.

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  1. A good case in point is wikileaks. My friend in “middle America” can not get any info about wikileaks at all, apart from the rape allegations and the allegations of engangering soldiers lives.So I did a tiny bit of research and it seems that some companies are not giving access to sites which have info on wikileaks. Sites like the guardian newspaper are constantly timing out etc etc. George Orwell was right.

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