A Prelude

A few years ago, I made the long drive from the east coast, across the Hay Plains to Adelaide. I spent a few days there on my own, before travelling the gorgeous Fleurieu Peninsula and taking the ferry across to Kangaroo Island. It was bliss. I travelled back east, toward Melbourne where I caught up with a few people before heading back inland to home. It was a great break from the mundane and an eye-opener. The stark effects of the drought were something I had never seen first hand. The huge cracks in the complete sparsity of vegetation, the totally unused land made me realise the severity of the climate Australia’s eastern states had endured for what then, was several years. The scenes rumbled in my mind for a while, as I made other shorter trips, reinforcing the perceptions of that holiday and generating this first piece of prose that now that now, has it’s answer, which I will post separately.

The Farmer’s Plea

Pray for rain,
Lest He knows not how we need it;
The fruit will die, the crops will fail,
If the mighty Murray pales.
There’ll be no orchards, olive groves,
No fields of crops or grains;
We need the floods of years gone by
Not sunburnt country’s plains.

Pray for rain,
Though long the time has passed
To realise the cost we’ll pay
For choices of the past.
The dye is set, we’ve turned to late
To hope for more this year;
Amend our ways for all our sakes
That rains may fall again.

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