Her beauty and her terror …

This country has terror ┬áto meet the worst in the world at present. Mother Nature has let fly in Australia in the past few weeks, beginning with the floods in New South Wales, but yesterday’s “inland tsunami” in Toowoomba and the ongoing flood crisis has left most of us astounded. The floods in Rockhampton a week ago affected an area the size of France and Germany combined. Now, we are watching much more of Queensland inundated. A friend in Brisbane, who lives in one of the suburbs expected to flood, tells me his home is on high ground … I just hope it’s high enough.

It’s been a terrible start to the year for so many people. Lori, author of RRSAHM, has lost her heart and must raise her children alone. Another friend lost her husband just after Christmas to cancer, diagnosed just a year earlier. They too, had a newborn that she will raise alone. How many others in Queensland will lose someone they love?

Many prayers this week, for many people I do not know … and some I do. If you have a penny to spare, please donate to the Queensland flood appeals.

Queensland Government Flood Appeal

Australian Red Cross

Salvation Army


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