Sunday Selections: The fog is lifting

Sydney has turned on one of those magnificent Autumn days, sun warm, breeze gently blowing, wisps of clouds in the sky. Yesterday, I reacquainted myself with my running buddies after a long absence at a club event. I didn’t run … way too unfit for that … but it was so nice to mingle with them and catch up. In the not too distant future is the reality of getting back into activities with them, meeting for training on weekly basis. Life has finally reached that corner I’ve been waiting for and I’m now making my way into the turn. Yippee! So many things are no a possibility again and I’ve decided on an activity to spur my creative juices again. It’s so good to have the melancholy of the past weeks start to lift and feel that I am no longer staring at a dead end.

Today, I am taking my pen, a notebook and selection of Walt Whitman poetry down to the Rocks to listen to some Irish music and watch the world go by. Sit in the sun, drink a few tipples and just soak in the day. It’s been so, so long since I’ve done something like that.

My photos for today’s Sunday Selections, the brain-child of Kim at Frog Ponds Rock, are from my trip to Hobart last year. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Sunday Selections: The fog is lifting

  1. amandab says:

    Beautiful trees, and I think I needed to see that rainbow today, thank you :)

  2. Beautiful shots of a beautiful place. And the rainbows were magically. I worked with a woman from Poland who said it was now too polluted for rainbows and that her children had never seen one before they had moved to Oz. I had known that pollution was a big issue in much of Europe but that really brought it home to me.

  3. aaah rainbows. I am pleased you have turned the corner. It is nice when inspiration returns.

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